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Caroline Danso Winter, Bellydancing Teacher, Duntrune House, DundeeBelly-dancing for fitness is demonstrated and taught by Caroline Danso Winter, whose father is Ashanti (from Ghana) and mother is Russian. She has been a  performer and teacher for over ten years, teaching the activity locally and nationally and demonstrating at private, educational and corporate events. She has captivated audiences from all walks of life, including Hugh Grant and Queen Elizabeth.

Caroline studied Egyptian-style dance under Lorna Gow (a star dancer based in Cairo) and trained with the world’s top dancers and choreographers from the UK, Europe and Egypt. She draws her inspiration from her background and other cultural and holistic styles from around the world. Her interest in dance is wide-ranging, and she has trained in different dance styles such as African, Street, Contemporary, Tango and Tribal and her dance style can encompass these.

Like other forms of dance, this ancient practice can help support physical, mental, social and spiritual health. Rhythmically moving the body releases physical and mental tension, promoting relaxation. Belly dance can take you on a journey of self-discovery. Caroline’s aim is to help you find a way to ‘open up’ and let yourself go, allowing yourself to love, nurture and move your body in a way that inspires you, empowers you and makes you remember what an amazing, strong, beautiful person you are.

A woman can play many roles in her life, and often finds she has no time left for herself. We all need a little space in our lives where we can go to recharge. Some women use belly dance as their retreat, to release, relax, revitalize and express themselves.

This dance is extremely accessible and fun for all, recognised as a type of low-moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, it’s a wonderful fat burning exercise that stimulates circulation, tones your body, builds flexibility, strengthens your core, and raises your metabolism as well as provide a good all round workout. The amount of calories you burn belly dancing will depend on your age, gender and weight, as well as how much energy you exert while dancing. On average, you may burn up to 400 calories in one hour if moving continuously in a fast-paced and energetic routine. Weight loss is not instant. Particular movements such as the "Shimmy" is a unique element of this dance as it is a great massage for inner stomach muscles and the small of the pelvis also helping to strengthen the back muscles. 

Additional benefits from regular belly dancing include a sense of general relaxation, improved posture, breathing, balance, and coordination. It can also reduce stress and increases confidence, stamina, strength and self-esteem, increased, body acceptance and appreciation. A general standard of fitness is preferable, but the movements can be performed in a gentle fashion or a fast paced high-energy workout. No previous experience necessary.

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