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Scottish Activity Holidays Scotland Fasting is an ancient practice that is still followed by many cultures in the world today and has seen a resurgence in the West in the last decades. It is traditionally a chance for the body and mind to clear away the accumulated debris that modern life can sometimes give to us both physically and mentally. It is seen as a time to regroup our internal resources and is often used for reflection and contemplation, a chance for us to take stock of our lives. Our Holistic Detox programme is designed to support you in this process and has enough space and free time surrounding your treatments and classes for this to happen. You are encouraged to switch off your mobile and keep outside contact to a minimum. The grounds of Duntrune House are themselves lovely to wander in and there are plenty of local walking opportunities. A retreat can also be a chance to rest and many of us, without our usual structure in place, find that our bodies just want to rest.

Relax and revitalise at The Real Retreat, Dundee, ScotlandThis programme has been carefully designed as a comprehensive kick-start for those wishing to implement changes in their health or for those who feel in need of a little extra boost. We follow a juice fast which ensures that the digestive system receives a rest but the body is flooded with easily absorbed nutrients.

It is a chance to rest and to cleanse the whole system, using special health treatments including colonic irrigation, juice fasting with specially prepared fresh juices to provide you with the optimum nutrients whilst your body undergoes treatments; plus probiotic capsules of the highest quality from Nutri and optional spirulina and wheatgrass supplementation.

Yoga and belly fit sessions are included in the programme as gentle exercise helps enormously in the detoxing process. Many people experience tiredness in the first days of a break but then find a resurgence of energy (however, some people feel revitalised right from the beginning!). The yoga sessions are designed to support the body through this and to additionally aid the detox process; breathing and meditation are also incorporated. The belly fit session is a hugely enjoyable way to get the body moving and this ancient practice can give those restarting their fitness and those already fit, a tailored workout.

Detox Retreats at The Real Retreat, Dundee, Scotland You may feel tired, but there is time out for you to rest and your energy should kick in towards the end of your stay. Your meals will be special juices made by Olwyn Jack, using the best and freshest of ingredients. Olwyn and Alison give advice on introducing solid foods on your return home. During your free time, you can rest or enjoy the garden, and there are plenty of books for you to choose from. The break is usually at weekends but ask us if you want to organise one at other times, especially if you want to come with friends.



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